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Please note that the Bob's House of Basses web site is now part of ProdigyInstruments. All Bass products can be bought from here!!!

The Philharmonic Donations Program is back!

  • Customers who buy from Prodigy Instruments can designate 10% of each instrument and case sale, 5% of each strings and accessory sale, and 3% of rental sales on purchases over $50 back to a music program that needs your help!
  • Don't see your organization at our checkout? Simply email our coordinator Cassie at, and ask how you can add your organization!

Prodigy Instruments is proud to present..

The Musilia Cello Case!

 The Musilia S3 model weighs about 5 lbs! Click here for more information about Musilia Cases!!!


New Line of Fine Instruments!

We at Prodigy Instruments are proud to offer our new "Gavriel Octavian" Romanian Violins, Violas, and Cellos made exclusively for Prodigy Instruments!

New Superlight CASE!

Prodigy Instruments is proud to present..

The Eclipse Carbon Fiber Cello Case!

Without straps it weighs less than 8 lbs!




Click for more info on the Eclipse Cello Case!

New Violins at ProdigyInstruments!

We at Prodigy Instruments are extremely excited to announce a new partnership between us and two very special European Luthiers. We are proud to offer to the public our new "Gavriel Octavian" Romanian Violins, Violas, and Cellos and "Hans Ludwig" German Violins!, made exclusively for Prodigy Instruments!


New Super light Cello Case!

The CACL-K1 - Carbon Fiber Cello Case is onstructed of carbon fiber reinforced fiberglass to achieve the ultimate in strength, durability, and low weight. The average weight is only 10.3 pounds Great colors blue, black, silver, green, and red Click here for more info!


Prestigious VASTA Award!


Robert Kurz and Prodigy Instruments recently received a Distinguished Service Award from American String Teachers Association in Virginia (click for larger picture or click here to see the announcement in ASTA's newsletter).


Welcome to our world of handmade, world-class bowed student string instruments. We offer different instruments to suit different players and budgets. So, you can order the right violin, viola, or cello, and be assured that your instrument will affordably allow you to play to the best of your ability. We offer rentals, strings, accessories, and luthier supplies, too. Whether you need to rent a violin, viola or a cello, buy violin strings or luthier supplies, you've come to the right place. Need new fiddle strings? Seeking a violin rental? Looking for a quality student violin? We are here to serve you. You can buy or rent violas and cellos. If you need viola strings, cello strings or a metronome , we have it all. We appreciate your visit today, and look forward to serving you!


Philharmonic Donation Project

Prodigy Instruments is committed to supporting Arts and Education by making donations to the National Philharmonic based on a percentage of our sales! These funds will be donated to the National Philharmonic's "All Kids, All Free, All The Time" program! For more details about the project and how you can help, click here.


Violins, Violas, Cellos -Superior String Instruments for Superior Talents


The audience hushes, lights dim, airborne anticipation electrifies the concert hall. The first notes vibrate clear, deep, and rich, resounding from the flamed maple to the far reaches of the hall -a showcase of technical expertise and tonal purity. From the first stroke of bow across string, the audience is yours...the night is yours.


When your moment comes, will you be ready? Will you have an instrument that can take you as far as your talent can go? Do you have a string instrument with the playability and performance to achieve your goals, your dreams, your destiny?

High quality string instruments at an affordable price


A superior talent deserves a superior instrument. That's why Robert Kurz founded Prodigy Instruments. A performer and teacher, Robert had a mission to find string instruments for his students that were superior quality, but affordable in price.


He Traveled the globe until he found the craftsmen he would partner with to form Prodigy Instruments -first class violins, violas, and cellos available to all classes of musicians.

Prodigy instruments are meticulously hand crafted in the classic European tradition. See the superior wood, materials and process used to make your Prodigy Instruments .  

Is a Prodigy Instrument the right choice for you or your students? These violins, violas, and cellos are surprisingly affordable. Find out who can benefit the most from a Prodigy Instrument .

Superior Playability and sound allow you to play to the best of your ability. Let your true talent shine through, achieve your goals, and launch your career with these impressive string instruments.

See our violin models and prices.

See our viola models and prices.

See our cello models and prices.

We proudly offer a complete selection from the following manufacturers:

Instruments: Eastman Strings Bows;

Cases: Eastman Strings Cases;

Bows: Eastman Strings;

Violin Strings: D'Addario Violin Strings; Thomastik Violin Strings; Goldbrokat Violin Strings; Jargar Violin Strings; Larsen Violin Strings; Westminster Violin Strings; Prim Violin Strings; Pirastro Violin Strings; Corelli Violin Strings; Super-Sensitive Violin Strings; W.E.Hill & Sons Violin Strings;

Viola Strings: D'Addario Viola Strings; Thomastik Viola Strings; Jargar Viola Strings; Larsen Viola Strings; Prim Viola Strings; Pirastro Viola Strings; Corelli Viola Strings; Super-Sensitive Viola Strings;

Cello Strings:D'Addario Cello Strings; Thomastik Cello Strings; Jargar Cello Strings; Larsen Cello Strings; Prim Cello Strings; Pirastro Cello Strings; Corelli Cello Strings; Super-Sensitive Cello Strings;

Rosins: Bernardel, Kaplan, Pirastro, AB, RDM, Jade, William Salchow, Super Sensitive, Kolstein, Gold & Silver, Petz's, Millant, Thomastik, Hill & Son, Hidersine, Nyman, Larsen, Tartini, Melos, Royal Oak;

Viola and Violin Shoulder rests: Kun, Wolf, Mach One, Super-Sensitive, Resonans, Playonair, Artion, Poeland, Bon Musica, Chin Chum;

Metronomes/Tuners: Wittner, Sorinuri Skillbox, Seiko, Intelli;

Mutes: Super-Sensitive Spector, Slide On, Tourte Style Round and Shaped etc.;

Humidifiers: RDM Humitron, D'Addario Planet Waves, Dampit;

Polishing and Cleaning: Pirastro, Hill, Hidersol, Kolstein.

We have over 3,500 individual available for shipping at all times!

Yes, you can rent our instruments!

Please send an email to Robert@ProdigyInstruments.Com 
or call us if you are interested in renting a Violin, Viola or Cello!


A superior talent deserves a superior instrument. That's why Robert Kurz founded Prodigy Instruments. A performer and teacher, Robert had a mission to find string instruments for his students that were superior quality, but affordable in price.


See our

"These instruments are extremely well made and have a beautiful tone quality. I would recommend these violins to any of my fellow performers, teachers, and students."

-Cindy Crumb
Orchestra Teacher
Fairfax, Virginia

"As a teacher of high school students, I am always looking to find excellent instruments for a good price. I can recommend instruments of this quality without reservation. In fact, I'll be using one myself for touring and some of my own performances."

-Eric deWaardt
Violist National Symphony Orchestra


"Excellent playability, mellow tone, subtle response, and dynamic projection make this outfit a definitive favorite with our review team..."
-Strings Magazine
Review of Eastman Strings - maker of Prodigy Instruments

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